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Schema Creator

The PSDCard™ Tool “Schema Creator” allows you to easily create coding descriptions for your contactless transponder cards. No programming expertise required, a graphical user interface, selection fields and Drag & Drop create an intuitive tool for you.

All common RFID technologies like Mifare classic, Mifare DESfire, LEGIC and Hitag are supported.

Advantages of the SchemaCreator
  • Chip encoding without programming expertise
  • Drag & Drop functions
  • All popular RFID technologies supported
  • Easy, intuitive handling
  • The best solution available
Advantages of the Plugins
  • Data import from third party systems in XML Format
  • Automatic check for new Data
  • Direct printing of new data
  • Realtime transfer of data
  • Location independent

CommandProcessor Plugin

The PSDCard CommandProcessor Plugin allows you to import and export data, or create badges from a third party system. The third party system creates an XML file in a “Hot-Folder”. PSDCard™ now automatically checks and processes the data files, you can even combine multiple stations.

Face Recognition

The PSDCard™ Face Recognition Module allows you to automatically crop images and remove red eye effects.

Advantages of the Face Recognition
  • Manage images directly in  PSDCard™
  • Automatic image crop
  • Automatic red eye removal
  • No  image editing software required

Advantages of the Editable User Interfaces
  • Efficient working
  • Retains update availability
  • Unique user interfaces
  • Customization of the entire user interfaces

Editable User Interfaces

All user interfaces can be customized to your individual needs. PSDCard™ retains update availability through the customizations. Perfect when you plan to use PSDCard™ for the long run.

Visitor Management

The PSDCard™ Visitor Management allows you to manage visitors with their own data in an independent client. A complete history of the attendance is retained. PSDCard™ optionally allows to record attendance electronically, thereby relieving the software users. The necessary readers (Barcode, RFID, Magnetstripe, …) can easily be tied to PSDCard™.

Advantages of the Visitor Management
  • Summary of visitor attendance
  • History of attendance
  • Individual data for each visitor
  • Electronic recording of attendance
  • Recording of attendance with Magnetstripe, Barcode, RFID and so on
  • Easily tied in with readers

Advantages of the SAP-Connection
  • Automatic import of records from the SAP-System
  • Arbitrary point of time for data transmission between systems
  • Access all common database tables and views via ODBC or native
  • Direct read and write access of external tables or views
  • Automatic processing of incoming emails and attachments
  • Transmission of automatically generated emails


PSDCard™ offers timely configurable and easy to use interfaces to third party software such as SAP. Records can be updated nightly, in intervals or immediately in many different ways (CSV-File, Database view, WEB-Services and many more).

The PSD-Databridge service automatically processes records from different sources and supplies the results to PSDCard ™ as well as third party softwares. Formats and intervals are freely configurable.


PSDCard™ supports different digital cameras to display live images on the connected PC. Many camera manufacturers offer an SDK with LiveView support. Basically all cameras that come with an SDK can be used with PSDCard™. According to the manufacturer Canon® EOS cameras are supported, please inquire the individual model (Email: support@psdcard.de).

  • Live images from different Canon cameras
  • Live image display
  • All cameras with SDK supported

Advantages of PSDCard™
  • Faster than similar products
  • Integrated VisitorManagement and Accesscontrol
  • Multiple user interface styles
  • Supports 1D & 2D Barcodes
  • Advanced rendering for optimal print quality
  • Supports complex requirements and workflows


PSDCard™ possesses a multitude of features. For example an integrated VisitorManagement with AccessControl and multiple user interface styles. The print rendering allows the use of transparency and results in optimal print quality. Next to simple 1D and 2D Barcodes even more complex workflows can be easily created such as intelligent layouts and coding workflows.

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