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Softwaresolution for
badge creation

A professional Card-Management-System, created for the user,
where easy use meets an unbelievable feature range.
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Card printer support

PSDCard™ provides full support for all common printer models, compatible with
current printers from Evolis, Datacard, Fargo, Zebra and many others.

Smartcard support

PSDCard™ can handle a broad range of contact and contactless
technologies commonly found in badges, ranging from RFID transponders
to MagnetStripes and 3D Barcodes.

Database compatibility

Extensive database compatibility allows you to connect PSDCard™ direcly
with your existing databases, removing the need for double data retention.

Operating system support

PSDCard™ extensive, easy, customizable

PSDCard™ – simply good

PSDCard™ is a professional Card-Management-System, that has been created for you – the users. Despite an easy to use user interface the software comes with an unbelievable range of features. For example this allows you to create complex tasks like the encoding and printing of personalized RFID badges without any programming expertise.

PSDCard - Einfach gut
PSDCard - Kompatible Kartendrucker

Evolis, HID, Zebra and many more…

Support for common card printers

There is a broad range of common card printers with different specification supported by PSDCard™. For example Evolis, HID or Zebra, and many more.

Mifare, Desfire, Legic etc.

Supports common RFID chips

With PSDCard™ you can encode different types of chips. You have more possibilities with our software than with conventional card printing software. You can not only encode MagnetSripes but also contact and contacless cards. Mifare classic, Mifare DESfire, LEGIC and many more are no problem for PSDCard™.

PSDCard - unterstützte Chiptypen

PSDCard Datenbankkompatibilität
Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, ODBC…

Extensive database compatibility

Many of our customer use PSDCard™ with a database. It is possible to connect PSDCard™ with an ODBC connection to many common databases.

Windows, Apple, Linux…

Platform independent support

PSDCard™is a very flexible software suitable for use in enterprises, corporate groups, agencies, clubs and educational institutions. No matter if you are running Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple, our software is ready to use.

PSDCard - Unterstützte Betriebssysteme
PSDCard - anpassbare Oberflächen
Always stay on top…


With the “Printstatus” you’ll always stay on top of every process. All important figures like the amount of badges left for production, or the estimated time till completion are available at a glance. Furthermore you can pause or cancel any batch job.

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